The Politics of Sustainability Information

Claims of “sustainability” now pervade the marketplace, and they are often taken at face value.  But who is behind these claims?  Who benefits from them, and who does not?  Assessing how “green” a product or company is a form of power, and has clear winners and losers.  This is the politics of sustainability information, and is a major focus of the research conducted by SIL.  The posts below provide updates on the work we are doing in this area.

  • The Panda Takes on Bling: A project looking at World Wildlife Fund’s engagement with the luxury industry.
  • Who Persuades the Persuaders?: A paper exploring how the private, public, and civic sectors are influencing eco-labeling and sustainability rating initiatives.
  • Signals of Legitimacy: A paper analyzing the ways in which information-based governance strategies signal their credibility, accountability, and legitimacy to different audiences.
  • Food and Electronics Information: This project is documenting the extent to which certifications and ratings in the electronics and food sectors have increased or decreased their transparency, accountability, and trustworthiness over time.