About the Lab

The Sustainability Information Lab (SIL) is a research initiative at Davidson College to better understand the role of information in promoting environmental, social, and economic sustainability.  Our research analyzes the use of sustainability information in a range of different contexts, from the luxury industry to the electronics sector to institutions of higher education.

The Lab is directed by and builds on the work of Dr. Graham Bullock, a professor of environmental studies and political science at Davidson College.  Dr. Bullock’s research focuses on the relationships between business, politics, and the environment, with a particular focus on how information mediates and influences those relationships.  Much of his work has focused on the dynamics of product eco-labels and corporate sustainability ratings and their relationship to other forms of governance.

Much of the research at SIL is designed and conducted by Davidson students in the context of research fellowships, assistantships, independent studies, and honors theses.  To learn more about the students who have contributed to the work of the Sustainability Laboratory, click here.

Research at the Lab is divided into three main areas — the Psychology of Sustainability Information, the Politics of Sustainability Information, and the Performance of Sustainability Information.  Click on each to learn more about these important areas of inquiry.